Get through about Georgian Sheep


Male weight: 50-80 kg.

Female is burning baby in the end of January - February, when sheep are in Winter fields in Easter parts of Georgia, where winter is warm and grass. Small Lambs are getting condition for Export on July - August, when they are in Mountains for summer fields. At this time lamb average weight is: May - 17-22 Kg; June - 23-28Kg; July - 28-33 Kg; August - 33-37Kg; September - 37-42Kg; October - 45Kg.

Ewes sheep we are selling after 3 year delivery baby, this means about 4-5 years old. there weight is between 45-55Kg.

Georgian Sheep is 100% Biological, as we are not giving it extra feeding, only they are eating grass.

Fat system is distributed outside on hole body and tale as well.

Our Own farms we are keeping more then 4000 sheep lambs for selling